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74520 Highway 111, Suite D4, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Beautiful Tanned Skin Isn't Seasonal at Our Salon

Also Offering Customize Airbrushing, Skin Care, Massage and Fit Body Wrap

Your newer, more attractive body is awaiting you at Vibrant Tanning Studios. Our Palm Desert, California, beauty salon is dedicated to enhancing the way you look at a price you can afford. Whether you need whiter teeth, a more sculpted body, or a deep tan, we offer the services you need to look beautiful year-round. Contact us for more details about what our tanning services and other beautification options can do for you.


Much More Than a Tanning Salon:

• Tanning

• Teeth Whitening • Body Sculpting • Massage
• Customize Airbrushing • Versa Spa - UV Free
• Detox Sauna - Infrared
• Aesthetic Skin Care

More Reasons to Choose Us

• Superior Customer Service
• Exceptionally Clean Area
• State-of-the-Art Equipment
• Mini Bouquet

• Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff
• Smart Tan™-Certified
• Customized Tanning Plans

A Word from Our Owner
We offer State-of-the-Art Equipment, along with the finest of lotions to achieve the ultimate tanning experience. Our studio is designed with you in mind, the decor is provocative the ambiance of the tropics, you will not only have a rich glowing tan, but a total relaxing and serene experience. We are trained professionals dedicated to assist each client in achieving their desired tanning goals. Serving the Palm Desert community since 2006.


Come in our tanning salon or call us today at (877) 698-3431 for your individualized beauty solution.